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Story of My Life

Once upon a time, there was a girl...

10 January
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Hmm... what to say...

Well, I AM:
- Rosie.
- a university student.
- an actor.
- a total nerd.
- a bit needy. Love me?

I am NOT:
- scary. Like, at all.
- a total loser. Maybe.
- an idle participant in my life.
- going to live in this town (hell, this country) for the rest of my life.
- succumbing to the faults of my forebears.

- write fanfiction (posted at fivery, if you're interested).
- sing in the car. Quite loudly, in fact.
- daydream. A lot.
- lose things quite frequently.
- hope for the best.

I do NOT:
- miss a chance to use a good Scrabble word!
- take myself, or most other things, very seriously.
- use improper spelling or grammar, if I can help it.
- sit up straight, although I am working on it.
- suffer fools.